Five Tips For Working with a Custom Home Builder

A custom home built by Nelson Construction and Renovations. When building a custom home, nearly everything pivots on your relationship with your builder.  You need someone who is more than just a contractor or designer – you need someone you can trust.  Reversely, your builder will rely on you for many things throughout the course … Read more

Minimalism Is The New Aesthetic

Minimalism is a concept that is increasing in popularity. People are looking for ways to live a more simplified life with minimal distractions, temptations, and belongings. Minimalism has become the new aesthetic in interior design. Home and business owners are increasingly taking a more simplified approach to how they design their properties. Here we will … Read more

What Is Green Construction?

How you choose to build and renovate can have a significant impact on the environment. With climate change and an increasing emphasis to reduce carbon emissions, there has been a larger emphasis on green construction in recent years. Companies want to reduce their carbon footprint as the demand for energy continues to rise. Much of … Read more

5 Design Tips for Creating a Modern Kitchen

Whether you love a clean, minimalistic design or you’re the crossover type going for a transitional style, you need to know what makes a modern kitchen.  It’s not just cutting-edge technology, and it’s not even straight lines and minimalism.  Modern design is a philosophy centered on function.  This could never be truer than in a … Read more

What Are The Steps to Build A Commercial Building?

There is a lot involved in the development of a commercial building. There is a long list of considerations, parties involved, and factors that need to come together for a successful commercial build.  Having a more detailed understanding of the steps to build a commercial building will provide you with deeper insights into how you … Read more

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