Roof Painting


Roofing performance is one of the most critical concerns facing building owners today.

An underperforming roof system can lead to costly damage to assets inside the facility, building

envelope disintegration, and the high cost of ongoing maintenance and repairs. To avoid these problems, roofs need the best protection available on the market today. The right products also protect the environment with reflective systems that are designed to reflect the sun’s heat and damaging UV radiation. These systems, in accordance with the EPA’s Energy Star® program guidelines assist in lowering roof surface temperature and decreasing the amount of heat transferred into the building — which in turn provides significant energy savings. We also offer long-term warranties, including 5,10- and 15-year labor and material warranties. 


  • Hospitals
  • School
  • Public
  • Commercial
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Hotels
  • Multifamily Buildings
  • Stadium/Arenas


  • No tear offs
  • Seamless Waterproofing
  • Extend the life of your roof
  • Energy & Utility Savings
  • Sustainable Solutions

Can be Applied over:

  • Metal
  • Single-Ply
  • Concrete
  • Polyurethane Foam
  • Asphalt/Bur/ Granular Cap Sheet

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